• "Thank you for a job well done!"

    D.K. Westport, CT
  • "Thank you for doing such a wonderful job—both my wife and I are very appreciative and love your work."

    R.R. New York, New York
  • "I am amazed at how easily you make this appear."

    R.T., Westport, CT
  • "Great job! As Always!"

    P.G., Ridgefield, CT
  • "I appreciate the great work you did…It looks great."

    Julie, Greenwich, CT
  • "Thank you for another beautiful job well done!  I love it."

    Valarie, Trumbull, CT
  • "The joy to walk in and see our home transformed.  Thank you for caring and going beyond!"

    Kristen, Stamford, CT
  • "Hiring a professional who can understand the scope of the job and bring it to fruition is monumental."

    R.H. Old, Greenwich CT
  • "You transformed our home.  Great job!  The papers look beautiful!"

    D.A., Sanibel Island, FL

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Charlotte, North Carolina

Specialty/HandsOn Educational Classes:   September 15th, 2016
Convention:  September 16/17 2016.

About Elsie

elsieWhat started out as necessity has transpired into one of the greatest occupations imaginable. I began wallcovering installations as a way to earn a living.  Quickly I found that this craft is an heirloom craft mentored and learned by craftsmen through years of experience. As they shared with me, I share with others through teaching and mentoring.

Wallcovering installation is my career and passion. Bringing joy to customers through artfully beautifying their space has returned to me as well. My work has won multiple prestigious Winning Walls With Wallcovering awards through the National Guild of Professional Paperhangers.

Feeling so very blessed, I vowed to give back to the community and my craft.  I serve on the Board of Directors for the National Guild of Professional Paperhangers currently as the Immediate Past President. I participate in many charity installations such an aids clinic in the flood ravaged area of New Orleans. I believe that there isn’t a better career on this earth and there isn’t a more important job than yours.